What You Need to Know About HUD Homes & How to Buy Them


HUD Homes Are a Great Opportunity for Home Ownership

HUD and the Real Estate Community share the same goal of responsible, sustainable home ownership. HUD homes come in all shapes, sizes and conditions and their price point value, as well as the fact that FHA loans (with low down payments) are available, make these homes attractive to home buyers.  The process of buying and closing on HUD homes is efficient and transparent and that makes them attractive to real estate agents as well!

To learn more about purchasing HUD homes from finding them, to making offers and closing please see below:

 Definition of a HUD Owned Home
Where to Find HUD Owned Homes
Understanding Insurability Codes & Listing Periods
Making Offers on HUD Homes
Winning the Bid
EMD Requirements
Contract Paperwork
Home Inspection
Contract Extension
Walk-through & Closing

For more information, see Selling Agent HUD Tips & Homebuyer HUD Tips

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