Contract Paperwork

HUD required original signed paperwork to be sent to them. No e-signatures are allowed and all signatures and initials must be in blue ink.  The agent who signs the contract must be the principal broker unless the principal broker has given written permission to the agents of the firm to sign HUD contracts.  The information written on the contract must match what was submitted online. 

The required documents are as follows:

Sales Contract---HUD 9548
Lead Paint Addendum--if build prior to 1978
Copy of EMD --certified funds payable to the BSCA
Pre-qualification letter and verification of funds
If selling agent signs, must provide a letter from principal broker granting permission.
If buyer is a business entity, business entity documents must be provided & must show signing authority.
Radon Gas/Mold Disclosure
Owner Occupant Certification --if applicable
Purchaser's Rights & Responsibilities--includes information about return of EMD policy.
For Your Protection Get a Home Inspection
Flood Zone Addendum --if applicable
Electronic Filing Addendum
BSCA Addendum

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Liz Schuyler
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