Where to Find HUD Owned Homes


In addition to being listed in the local MLS, all HUD homes throughout the country can be seen at   www.HUDHomeStore.com.  HUD homes are listed daily and as long as the property is seen on the website, it is   available.  Once an offer has been accepted, the property is removed from the site.  

Additional information available on the website includes: property contact information, the contract paperwork, the PCR (property condition report), any repair escrow information, addendums, bid periods including deadlines, and insurability codes.  

 Definition of a HUD Owned Home
Where to Find HUD Owned Homes
Understanding Insurability Codes & Listing Periods
Making Offers on HUD Homes
Winning the Bid
EMD Requirements
Contract Paperwork
Home Inspection
Contract Extension
Walk-through & Closing

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