Making Offers on HUD Homes

Make Offers on HUD Homes

Any licensed agent with a valid NAID (Name Address Identification) number can make offers on HUD homes.  The principal broker of the firm applies for a NAID number which is used for the entire brokerage firm.  Homebuyers cannot make offers directly to HUD and must work with an agent to help them submit their bid. 

If you are a selling agent, in order to submit your buyer's bid online, you must register yourself as a bidder on the HUD Home Store site and in order to do that, you will need to know your NAID number, and license number. 

Once you are registered, submitting your buyer's offer online only takes a few minutes.  You will need to know the correct spelling of your buyer's name as he or she would like it to convey on the deed, your buyer's tax id number or SSN, and the buyer's current mailing address.

Offers may be submitted online up to the bid deadline and they are reviewed the next business day after the deadline.  Bids submitted on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday are grouped together for the asset manager's consideration on Monday (or the next regular business day if Monday is a federal holiday).

Once your bid has been submitted, you will receive a bid acknowledgement and confirmation number. 

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